I am an amateur jazz and classical pianist and composer.

Here I am playing piano at a senior home with my sister.

I wrote and recorded a piano part inspired by montunos and Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage" for a country song "I Knew" that my dad wrote. Piano part begins at 1:30.


I played bluegrass in free jams for two years in Boulder, CO. My training is in jazz guitar.

My parents, Catherine Reid and Neal Herr, are both professional musicians, composers, and librettists with masters' degrees in writing musicals.
Cultural Criticism

I maintain a complete list of everything that is good, including movies, music, books, TV, chess, etc. I appreciate recommendations. I made three playlists of my favorite music:

Note: The Beatles, Tool, and System of a Down are not yet added.

The most concise:

Here's also goldilocks and the most comprehensive.

Some songs aren't in there because spotify lacks a (good) recording: Lift every voice and sing, not just knee deep, etc.

Contact me for an up-to-date version of the complete list.

Language Proficiency

Almost-conversational German, a little French and Dutch.

Conversational Latex, Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Flask, Bootstrap, etc.


My daughter is a budding feline food critic and model.

Before math, I wrote reviews for a marketing company in upstate New York.